Laos national baseball team in Hangzhou Asian Games

It was last July that I met the Laos national baseball team. This summer, which was exceptionally hot, Laos continued to experience a heat wave that was hard to stand for a moment. Despite the heat, the Laos national baseball team practiced so hard that their whole body was soaked to advance to the finals of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The sneakers are torn, the bat is broken… Even if you satisfy your thirst with only bottled water without a single common sports drink, you could not dampen the players’ passion for baseball. The players said, “I want to show something in the opportunity of the international competition that I have not been able to see for a long time.”

FIFA (outfielder) said, “I’m overwhelmed to play in the Asian Games. We prepared hard. I will do my best to have good results,” he said.

From the standpoint of Korean baseball, which aims to win the Hangzhou Asian Games, which opened on the 23rd, Laos baseball may not be of interest. However, Laos baseball is inseparable from Korea.

Former SK Wyverns coach Lee Man-soo and general manager Je Sang-wook (Laos National Baseball Team) were the first to distribute baseball to Laos, a barren land.

Laos national baseball team is solving heat and thirst with bottled water , and continues to exercise in torn sneakers

Currently, the Laos national team coach is led by Kim Young-min, a former LG Twins player and former coach of Jinyoung High School, while the Laos women’s national team is coached by Lee Joon-young, former coach Hong Eun-joong.Various equipment needed for baseball is also sponsored by Korean clubs, schools, and professional baseball.

Laotian players are also hoping to play against the Korean national team at the Asian Games because they know this. However, as the Laos players hope, the match between Korea and Laos does not seem easy.

The Hangzhou Asian Games baseball tournament will be held in the order of preliminary rounds, first round of the finals, super rounds, and medal matches. Laos will compete in the preliminary round with Thailand and Singapore, with the top two countries advancing to the finals.

If Laos wins one win and one loss, it will play Japan, China and the Philippines in Group A, and if it wins two games, it will play South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan in Group B. Laos, whose goal is to win one game, needs to win two games to play against Korea.

Junior third baseman said, “I’ve faced Thailand three times and lost all of them, but I want to beat Thailand this time.”

It is true that Thailand is ahead of Laos in objective power. Again, Thailand is not an easy opponent.

Laos national baseball team coach Kim Hyun-min and players are training.

Head coach Kim Hyun-min said, “Thailand has better physical conditions and plays more skillfully than Laos players. However, we have also consistently conducted basic training, defensive training, and customized batting training, so I think we will be able to win one game.”

In this tournament, Lee Joon-young, the coach of the Laos women’s national team, who has a training certificate, is helping the players take care of their bodies, helping them control their condition.

On top of that, former SK Wyverns coach Lee Man-soo, a living witness of Laotian baseball, joined as a “Head of Staff,” raising the team’s atmosphere.

General manager Je Sang-wook said, “It is a miracle that Laos, which used to be a barren land for baseball, will participate in the Asian Games.” I want to make a miracle again at the Hangzhou Asian Games, he said. “As Laos baseball started with the help of Korea, I hope Korea will also support the Laos baseball team a lot.” 토토사이트

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