Nolimit City, a Swedish online game developer and provider, has officially released Devils Crossroads. This demon-themed slot invites players to see what Hell and the Devil look like through the developer’s eyes!

In addition, the new game was inspired by a famous slot called “Glutoni” because it uses a similar jaw and base grid.

Action-packed visuals:

This exciting slot marks the first release of 2024 and focuses on the contracts of hell, demons, and infamous demons. Especially for basic games, it happens at intersections where players see large jaws that try to pull people and cars into an underworld called hell. As soon as the player gets into the jaws, the bonus is activated, where the devil is welcome to suggest a contract that allows the player to sell his soul.

To create a winning combination, players must form a line of two matching combinations of symbols vertically, horizontally, and vertically on a dynamic 3-3-3 grid. The game is also highly volatile, with a default RTP of 96.06%, and a player’s maximum multiplier is 13,180x.

In terms of functionality, the grid has a crosslink feature that is shaped like a demonic crossroad, which means that if players connect symbols vertically from right to left, and vice versa, they get a win. The next feature is cross wild and cross multiplier, which makes it more possible to collect additional wins!

The provider added a bonus feature, so-called Redemption Spin, to add some fun. During this time, players sit in front of the devil and get ready to sign the aforementioned deal. In addition, the bonus 3-2-1 coin collector game includes six unique features that are triggered on each spin after being filled with heat.

All of these six features increase the value of the coin, except for the “rust,” which speeds up the progress bar used to upgrade the entire round. In this regard, the six features mentioned above extend their influence to columns and rows. 슬롯머신

Debt to Pay – like the icing on the cake:

To further improve the experience, a feature called debt to pay involves the above transaction, in which players must pay off their debts if they decide to sign a contract. However, this transaction will allow players to win the most in the aforementioned bets of 13,180x players.

According to a source, Per Lindheimer, the product director of Nolimit City, expressed pride at the launch and said, “Devil’s Crossroads mixes the new with the old – our second crosslink game with a 3-2-1 collector’s bonus, full of features and potential. Infamous deadly sins typically lead to people’s downfall, but in this slot they lead to ultimate salvation!”

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