Son Heung-min, a goaltender representing Korean soccer, reported his 120th goal in his 300th English Premier League EPL game, but it did not prevent his team Tottenham from losing four consecutive games. Tottenham is almost out of the question of securing a ticket to the UEFA Champions League next season, which is pinning its last hope.

He suffered a crushing defeat in an away game against rival Liverpool.

Tottenham lost 2-4 to Liverpool after struggling with losing four goals first in the away match of the 36th round of the 2023-2024 Premier League held at Anfield, Liverpool, England on the 6th . Tottenham began its pursuit with striker Hishalisson scoring in the 27th minute of the second half and captain Son Heung-min scoring in the 32nd minute of the second half, but the gap between the four goals it gave up first was too wide to turn the game around.

For Son Heung-min, he can be comforted by scoring his 120th Premier League goal on a monumental day when he made his 300th career appearance after making his Premier League debut against Crystal Palace in September 2015. He has also recently escaped from a slump in which there were no field goals other than penalty kicks.

Prior to Son, only Hugo Lloris LAFC and Harry Kane Bayern Munich had played 300 Premier League matches for Tottenham. Son has become the third player in the 32-year history of the Premier League to play 300 matches for Tottenham.

Son, who scored his 120th goal, has jumped one notch to tie for 22nd in the EPL history scoring list. He is on par with Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard. If he adds one more goal, he will tie for 20th along with Raheem Sterling of Chelsea and Romelu Lukaku of AS Roma. This is his 17th goal nine assists in this season alone.

In this season’s scoring rankings, he will be ranked seventh alone after Erling Holan 25 goals, Manchester City, Cole Palmer 21 goals, Chelsea, Alexander Isak 20 goals, Newcastle United, Ollie Watkins 19 goals, Aston Villa, Mohamed Salah 18 goals, Liverpool and Dominique Solanke 18 goals, Bournemouth.

Son Heung-min reported a meaningful score, but Tottenham ended up bogged down for four consecutive losses at the end of the season, virtually eliminating its chance to advance to the UEFA Champions League UCL next season. It is the first time in 20 years that Tottenham has recorded four consecutive Premier League wins.

Tottenham 18 wins, 6 draws, 11 losses, 60 points, which lost again on the same day after Newcastle 0-4, Arsenal 2-3, and Chelsea 0-2, failed to close the gap with Aston Villa 20 wins, 7 draws, 9 losses, 67 points in this round.

Tottenham, which played one less game, must win all three remaining games and Aston Villa must lose both games to reverse the situation. If you lose even once, the possibility of an arithmetic fourth place will disappear completely, but the schedule is not favorable to Tottenham as it will meet Manchester City, which is competing for the championship, on the 14th.

As Aston Villa +20 is also ahead of Tottenham +11 in goal difference, Aston Villa, who lost all games, will be ahead even if they draw with Manchester City and secure seven points in two games. Only the fourth-place finisher in this season’s Premier League will be entitled to play in the UCL next season. Clubs in Italy and Germany can receive UCL tickets for the next season up to the fifth-place finisher.

Tottenham was dragged away by Mohamed Salah in the 16th minute of the first half. Salah headed a cross from Cody Hakpo. In the 45th minute of the first half, left fullback Andy Robertson calmly pushed from the gate when Salah’s shot was blocked to make it 2-0.

Liverpool’s momentum continued to be fierce in the early part of the second half. Hakpo finished with a header from the right side in the fifth minute of the second half and tasted the goal himself this time. Tottenham’s defeat deepened as Harvey Elliott shook the net with a cool mid-range shot at the penalty arc in the 14th minute of the second half.

In the second half, Son Heung-min changed his position from striker to left wing when Hishalisson came in, and after Hishalisson recovered a goal in the 27th minute of the second half, Son Heung-min burst in the 32nd minute of the second half to chase two goals in five minutes.

After receiving a pass from Hishalisson in front of the net, Son accurately poked it into the bottom corner of the net. However, as Tottenham failed to score additional points afterwards, only Liverpool had three points.

Third-place Liverpool 23 wins, 9 draws, 토토사이트 4 losses has left a faintly arithmetic possibility of winning the title as its points have risen to 78. If Arsenal 83 points, the current leader with two games left until the end of the season, and Manchester City 82 points, the second-place Manchester City 82 points, which has three games left, are completely defeated and Liverpool wins the game, it will be possible to come from behind.

However, English football experts are predicting a come-from-behind victory for Manchester City, which played one game less than Arsenal.

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