The World Series of Fokker continues its hiring efforts ahead of its debut at the historic Las Vegas Strip, and today announced a new pay structure that will raise the wages of all potential dealers ahead of the 53rd WSOP Tournament at Valis-Las Vegas, the future Horsuch, and the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in Paris.

After the successful completion of the first shift, all dealers will receive a bonus of $12.50 to $100 per hour. In addition, dealers will be guaranteed $15 per down for all tournament holdum-only bracelets and side events, and $20 per down for all tournament non-holdum bracelet events. Additionally, if additional dealer funds remain at the end of the WSOP, they will be paid as a bonus based on the total number of downs worked throughout the entire series.

The WSOP will kick off with exciting moves scheduled for May 31 and daily until the conclusion of the tournament on July 20. Located on the Las Vegas Strip, the WSOP’s new home will feature all convention spaces in Paris Las Vegas and Bali, making it the largest tournament capacity in the tournament’s history with 150,000 square feet and 600 poker tables. The 2022 WSOP will host a wide variety of tournaments, with prices ranging from $400 to $250,000. 릴게임

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