“Kim Min-jae off his game, carelessness in extra time”.

Kim Min-jae was an unchanged full-back against Galatasaray (Turkiye) in their 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League Group A match at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, on Monday (Sept. 9). It could have been a clean sheet, but a second-half penalty in stoppage time was the difference.

Kim made his presence felt early on. He won the ball with a sliding tackle just two minutes into the game and continued to cover a lot of ground to break up attacks. He also used his quick thinking and positioning to keep the ball out of the hands of the opposing strikers.

However, after the 27th minute of the second half, Kim Min-jae’s shoulders became heavy. Upamecano, who had just returned from injury, was substituted for administrative reasons. Head coach Thomas Tuchel took Ufamecano off and brought on Konrad Reimer. Instead, 바카라사이트 central midfielder Leon Goretzka took over the center back role.

Kim Min-jae conceded a goal in second-half stoppage time with a 2-0 lead.

A long pass from the Galatasaray half into the back of the Bayern Munich defense sent Minjae and Cedric Bakambu into a race for speed, but Minjae was noticeably slower. Bakambu, who came on as a substitute midway through the second half, had a lot of pace, but it was extremely unusual for Kim to fall behind in a race that didn’t even involve shoulder-to-shoulder combat.

Eventually, Bakambu was able to connect with a non-stop shot that rattled the Bayern Munich net unimpeded.

Kim Min-jae is already facing a physically demanding schedule.

Before this game, he had already played full-time in a Bundesliga match.

His nonstop workload earned him some unfavorable comments from the German media.

Spox wrote, “Kim had problems against a lively Galatasaray attack. His positioning was wrong for the goal. He lost a key confrontation with Bakambu in a goalless situation.” “Against Galatasaray, Kim Min-jae handled everything without stress,” said Eurosport, “except for one lapse in extra time. Kim allowed too much space for Bakambu, who scored Galatasaray’s consolation goal.”

“He was less active than Upamecano, but he did not play badly as a center back. He has good dueling ability and is clever, so he can play in space,” Mercur said.

Kim made 15 official appearances in the 2023-2024 season, including this one against Dortmund.

Of those, he played 11 full matches and logged 1273 minutes of playing time. As he continued to play without rest, the issue of overexertion was raised. Despite the physical demands on his body, Kim excelled in these games. He formed a great partnership with Upamecano and contributed to the team’s clean sheet. He showed why he is the centerpiece of Bayern Munich’s defense.

Eventually, however, something went wrong. Despite showing signs of fatigue, Kim started and played the full game.

He had already shown signs of discomfort in the previous match against Dortmund, grimacing and stretching his calf. On this day, he touched his leg and tried to loosen up his stiff muscles, increasing his anxiety.

In the end, Kim Min-jae was the cause of the goal. He lost the pace race to Cedric Bakambu in second-half stoppage time, which led to a late goal. He was too tired to play well.

It’s no wonder Kim Min-jae is tired. Since his move to Munich this season, Kim has played over 1,300 minutes in a Bayern Munich shirt. That’s 869 minutes in 10 league games, 90 minutes in one DFB-Pokal game, 360 minutes in four UCL games, and 44 minutes in one DFL-Supercup game.

After the game, Abendzaitung said: “Against Galatasaray, I made a tackle on Hakim Ziyech as soon as the game started. He did a good job in the center of the pitch, but was too slow for the goal.” He gave Kim a rating of 4.

With a grueling schedule ahead of him, Kim is expected to play again. Bayern Munich will host Heidenheim on Nov. 11 in the 11th round of the 2023-2024 Bundesliga.

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