SSG Landers has concluded its first spring camp.

On the 22nd, SSG announced, “We will arrive at Incheon International Airport at 5:45 p.m. on the 23rd after the first spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA.”

After the first camp, SSG head coach Lee Sung-yong said, “We made a good start. The senior players took the center stage and led the team well, and the mid-level players did their part. The younger players took a lot of practice, but they did a good job, and I’m satisfied that there were no major injuries in the squad.”

Looking ahead to the second camp, he said, “Preventing injuries is the first goal for the second camp. It’s getting closer and closer to the time to prepare for the war, so we’ll try a lot of game tactics and strategies in the Taiwan camp in consultation with the coaching staff.”

Pitcher Lee Rin and outfielder Ahn Sang-hyun were named the camp MVPs. In addition, at the suggestion of Lee, a player MVP was established at the camp, which was selected by the players themselves, and Ahn Sang-hyun was once again selected as the player MVP.

“The Pitcher MVP and the Baseball MVP were selected by the coaching staff, and the Player MVP was selected by the players themselves to emphasize the one-team mentality. (Lee) Ro-woon showed a serious attitude towards baseball throughout the camp and made extraordinary efforts, and (Ahn) Sang-hyun kept his promise to himself by doing a lot of training from the beginning to the end of the camp. Both players also showed improvement in their skills.”

Irene, who was named Pitcher MVP, said, “I feel good because I think I prepared well for the season in the Florida camp. I thought about my pitching design before I went on the mound, and it went well, and I had a good delivery and fastball. I plan to stay injury-free and focus on improving my game in the second camp.”

Ahn Sang-hyun, who was named the Player MVP after winning the Beast MVP, said, “I think the coaches and senior brothers were happy to see me working hard. I’m glad that the 토토사이트 amount of practice led to good results in proportion to my confidence. We will prepare well for the second camp so that we can stay injury-free, gain practical experience, and maintain our good form until the season.”

After the first camp, SSG will hold its second spring camp from March 25 to March 7 in Chiayi, Taiwan, with 18 coaching staff members, including Lee, and 32 players, including 15 pitchers, three catchers, eight infielders, and six outfielders. In the second camp, the team will play a total of six scrimmages against teams from the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) for practice and power checks.

The team will depart Korea on March 25 at 9:45 a.m. via Asiana Airlines (OZ711) and return home on March 7 at 4:35 p.m. via Asiana Airlines (OZ712).

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