Suwon FC announced the recruitment of “multiplayer” Jung Seung-won.

Jung Seung-won, who made his professional debut with Daegu FC in the 2017 season and has played for Suwon Samsung since 2022, is already a league-class player with 167 games (8 points) in the K League.

Jung Seung-won’s biggest weapon is his vigorous activity and multi-position digestion ability, which can inject energy from various positions, including front, rear, center, and side.

In addition, Suwon FC coach Kim Eun-joong has worked together with the coach and player on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics national team, raising expectations for synergy between the teacher and student who will meet again in the 2024 season. 안전 토토사이트

Suwon FC succeeded in reinforcing the team’s energy level by joining Jung Seung-won, who can be used in various ways.

Jung Seung-won said, “It’s an honor to meet coach Kim Eun-joong,” adding, “I will work hard with the goal of the Final A in the 2024 season.”

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