LG Twins’ Casey Kelly, who topped the list last year with a total of $1.8 million, will play for LG for the sixth year with a cut of $1.5 million due to sluggishness, while KT Wiz’s William Cuevas and Doosan Bears’ Raul Alcantara have renewed their contracts for $1.5 million. SSG Landers’ Guillermo Heredia also renewed his batter’s box with a maximum of $1.5 million.

KT’s left-handed pitcher Wes Benjamin, who was followed by 15 wins, ranked fifth with $1.4 million, and Lotte Giants’ Charlie Barnes ranked sixth with $1.35 million. Kiwoom Heroes’ Ariel Furado and LG’s Austin Dean tied for seventh with $1.3 million, and KIA Tigers’ Socrates Brito ranked ninth with $1.2 million. Doosan’s Brandon Waddell, who had been a substitute for the second consecutive year, finally renewed his contract and recorded the 10th place ransom with a total of $1.13 million.

This is based on the total amount including incentives. Ransom rankings will change if it is re-ranked based only on net guaranteed amounts excluding incentives.

The maximum guaranteed amount is 1.3 million dollars in addition to the down payment and annual salary. Four players, namely Cuevas, Herredia, Alcantara and Benjamin, tied for first place with 1.3 million dollars in guarantees. Benjamin, who ranked fifth overall, signed a contract with a down payment of 400,000 dollars and an annual salary of 900,000 dollars for a guaranteed amount of 1.3 million dollars. The incentive is 100,000 dollars.

Kelly’s total amount was 1.5 million dollars, but his down payment was 400,000 dollars and annual salary was 800,000 dollars, resulting in 1.2 million dollars in guarantees and 300,000 dollars in incentives. Incentives went up due to sluggish performance last year. Barnes and Hurado were also tied for fifth with Kelly’s 1.2 million dollars in guarantees. Good performance last year led to increased guarantees.

Austin ranks eighth with 1.1 million dollars in guaranteed amount out of 1.3 million dollars. Austin, who came to LG last year for a total of 700,000 dollars, including 100,000 dollars in down payment, 400,000 dollars in annual salary, and 200,000 dollars in incentives, saw his guaranteed amount more than double.

The guaranteed amount of 1 million dollars was Samsung’s new batter David McKinnon along with Brandon. Of the new foreign players, only McKinnon was guaranteed a maximum of 1 million dollars. Socrates signed a total of 1.2 million dollars, but 400,000 dollars were incentives and the guaranteed amount was only 800,000 dollars. 스포츠토토

The foreign player with the lowest guaranteed amount was Ronnie Dawson of Kiwoom, the lowest paid player. Dawson renewed his contract for a total of $600,000, receiving an annual salary of $550,000 and an incentive of $50,000.

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