In Turkiye professional soccer, there was a large-scale violence in which players and fans clashed.

Fenerbahce defeated Trabzonspor 3-2 in the 30th round of the 2023-2024 Turkiye Schiefer League at Papara Park in Trabzons, Turkiye, on the 18th.

It was a great match, but it was only a few moments later when fans stormed and clashed. Fenerbahce was leading 2-0, but Trabzonspor tied the match with consecutive goals by Ennis Bardi in the 18th minute and Mahmoud Hasan in the 33rd minute. However, Fenerbahce’s Missy Bachuai scored the final goal at the end of the second half to secure victory.

The problem occurred right after the game. As the closing whistle blew up and Fenerbahce players gathered around the center circle to share their joy, some Trabzonspor fans stormed the ground. A fan wearing a double mask hit Fenerbahce.

The stadium quickly became a chaos. Players and fans tangled and security personnel and team officials tried to prevent the situation, but it was difficult to completely suppress hundreds of fans. There was also a dangerous situation in which a fan pulled out a corner kick flag and tried to attack the player. Fortunately, security personnel overpowered the fan in a situation where the tip of the flag was pointed and could lead to a serious situation.

Players were not the only ones who were also dealt with. According to Germany’s Bild on the day, Bachuai kicked at a fan attacking him. Media outlets reported that Bachuai kicked the fans in the style of Kung Fu. Videos circulating on social media also show Fenerbahce defender Bright Osei Samuel waving his fist at a fan.

As the players rushed out of the stadium and headed for the locker room, the situation calmed down to some extent, but the anger of angry fans did not easily subside.

According to Reuters, Fenerbahce said the players did not provoke or provoke Trabzonspor fans.

According to the BBC, “The match should have been cancelled. But the referee didn’t finish the match. He didn’t want this to happen after the match.” “When we lost to Trabzonspor, it didn’t happen after the match. It is the most natural right for players to have a victory ceremony.”

The Turkey Football Association has declared zero tolerance for the incident. The association said in a statement, “Something has happened that is unacceptable. We will take responsibility for those who caused the problem and face criminal punishment.”

Turkiye’s Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya said an investigation has begun by authorities. He strongly said on social media that “violence incidents on the football field should never be tolerated.”

Recently, the Turkiye professional soccer team has been suffering from violence. In December last year, Farooq Koca, the owner of the team in Ankara, was dissatisfied with the referee’s decision and stormed the ground, hitting the umpire in the face. Then, fans of the “Ancara Guizi” stormed out and assaulted the umpire. The stadium was in chaos as players and officials trying to stop him got tangled. The umpire who was assaulted was diagnosed with an orbital fracture.

At the time, the Turkish Football Association temporarily suspended all league games, saying, “It is a disgrace to Turkiye soccer. We will strictly investigate those involved in the incident.”

“We condemn the attack on the referee by the owner and fans,” Turkiye President Recep Erdogan said. “We pray for a speedy recovery of the referee who suffered from the assault. Violence is not allowed in sports, which means peace and brotherhood. The authorities will not tolerate any violence in the Turkish sports community.”

Since then, Coca-Cola Entertainment has been banned from the soccer field for life. The team was also fined 2 million lire (about 90 million won) and given five matches without spectators. Law enforcement authorities investigated two of its fans who also used violence against Coca-Cola Entertainment. “There is no justification for my violence. I am sorry to the judges, fans and the public,” Coca-Cola Entertainment CEO Park said in an apology. 토토사이트

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